Friday, April 23, 2010

Buying a property or land in Dominical

Dominical is located at the southern end of Costa Rica in the province known as the South Pacific. The town still retains that laid back relaxed feel that Costa Rica is so well known and loved for.

Many people originally come to Dominical for a relaxing holiday to soak up the relaxing atmosphere, enjoy nature, spend some time on the beach and maybe even catch some waves.

Once the enchanting spell of the area has worked its magic the idea of actually owning a little piece of this paradise starts to appeal.

There is plenty of property on offer but we have noticed that many people after having a good look around at already built houses finally chose the option of building their own.

You can find a great plot of land for sale in Dominical from as little as $150,000. This would secure you a great plot with permissions to build with some great sea and sunset views.

As with most of the coast of Costa Rica as you go inland from the beach at Dominical the land slopes upward. Therefore there is a good chance that you can find a plot with some lovely views.

If you are looking to build a house then our advice is to find a plot with a nice sea view, these have the best re sale interest. The majority of buyers coming onto the market now have a budget in the region of $250,000. So if you want to build with a view to selling then keep this figure in mind. To give the property a big rental potential boost you should give serious consideration to building a pool. Holidaying families lay a lot of importance in a nice pool where they are staying. The warm Pacific ocean may only be a ten minute drive away but this does not take away from the luxury of their own private swimming pool.